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(13-06-2018) Nagaland Dear Faithful 28 Result | Nagaland Lottery Sambad

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Nagaland Today Morning Lottery Result: Nagaland Lottery Department has released the result if Nagaland Dear Faithful 28 Draw. Candidates who want to check the Nagaland Lottery Result Today 11:55 am can check their result at nagalandlotteries.com. The Nagaland Morning Lottery Result Today is also available at indijobsgov.in. You can check your Nagaland Sambad Lottery Result here.

Nagaland Dear Faithful 28 Draw Result

Nagaland Today 12 PM Lottery Result

Every Wednesday Nagaland Lottery Department releases Dear Faithful Lottery Result 11:55 am. This Wednesday Nagaland Lotteries Department has released the Nagaland Dear Faithful 28 Draw Result. So all of the candidates who are looking for the Nagaland Morning Lottery Result Today can will get their result. Your Lottery Result is available in this section. If you want to compare your Lottery number with the official Nagaland Today Morning Lottery Result 11:55 am then you can do so. The result is available in the below section. So follow the sections and check your Lottery Result Today.

Today Morning Lottery Result Nagaland State Lotteries – 13/06/2018

1st Prize
{26.06 Lakh/-}

78K 39944

Consolation Prize
{9500 Rs/-}


2nd Prize
{9000 Rs/-}

07944 10596 10802 15003 22078
35059 44814 53799 55416 89941

3rd Prize
{500 Rs/-}

0091 1003 3048 3176 6248
6263 6326 9089 9444 9615

4th Prize
{250 Rs/-}

0158 1017 1648 2080 2747
4496 4497 5697 7678 8409

5th Prize
{120 Rs/-}

0316 1260 2349 3371 4558 5778 6774 7404 8544 9249
0378 1447 2809 3509 4565 5799 6969 7532 8552 9277
0544 1458 2874 3777 4583 5831 7037 7592 8590 9279
0609 1506 2875 3783 4671 5842 7165 7608 8734 9300
0633 1512 2938 3819 4780 5925 7188 7828 8887 9411
0888 1588 3008 3897 4838 6012 7231 7971 8901 9536
1029 1835 3120 4298 5182 6134 7249 8051 9003 9604
1046 2092 3128 4336 5292 6140 7353 8293 9186 9670
1211 2122 3268 4388 5296 6251 7354 8445 9226 9881
1213 2183 3311 4440 5402 6530 7403 8540 9240 9960

Click Here To Download Nagaland Dear Faithful 28 Draw Result

Dear Faithful 28 Draw Result 13 June 2018

Nagaland Lotteries is a great source of income in Nagaland State for the people as well as for the government. A large number of candidates every day purchase the lottery tickets on Nagaland State Lottery 11:55 am to win the prize money and to become the lucky winner of Nagaland Wednesday Morning Lottery Result. Every day approx 2-3 lakh tickets of Nagaland Morning Lottery will get sold. Candidates who have purchased the Nagaland Today Faithful 28 Draw lottery ticket are looking for their result. If you are also looking for the same then you can download your result from the above given section. You can compare the result with the Official Nagaland Morning Lottery Result. If you want to know more about the Nagaland State Lottery Schemes and prize money then you can refer the below section of this article. You will get the full information regarding Nagaland State Lotteries in the below section.

Nagaland State Lottery 11:55 am Result Today Details

Every day Nagaland Lottery Department released the result of 3 lottery schemes. The first result will get declared at 11:55 am, the second result is at 4:00 PM and the 3rd is at 8:00 PM. Today at 11:55 am Nagaland Lottery Department is going to release the result of Dear Faithful 28 Draw. So all of the candidates who want to check their result can compare their lottery numbers with the official result available above.

The prize money of Nagaland State Lotteries has 6 categories. These categories are from the 1st prize to 5th prize and a consolation prize. The 1st prize of Nagaland State Lottery is rs 65.05 Lakh which means the person who will win Nagaland State Lottery 1st prize will receive Rs 65.05 lakh as prize money. The 5th prize is rs 120 rs. Along these prizes here is also the consolation prize of Rs 9500 Rs. So this is a great way to earn money and become a millionaire in just 1 night.
If you live in Nagaland State then you should once try for these Nagaland State Lottery Schemes. Who knows your luck will support you and you win the prize money. SO at least try these lotteries once. We will provide you with your Dear Faithful 28 Draw Result Today 12 PM.

How To Download Nagaland Today Morning Result 13-06-2018

The candidates who want to download Nagaland Lottery Result Today PDF can follow the below steps. These steps will help you to download your Result in the most convenient way. So follow the steps and download your Nagaland Lottery Result Today now.

  • At first, go to the official website of Nagaland State Lotteries which is nagalandstatelotteries.com
  • Now select your date and time of the Nagaland Lottery
  • Compare your lottery number with the result given in the Result
  • Click on the pdf download button
  • It will save a soft copy of the result file in front of you

Nagaland State Lottery Result 2018

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